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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 2, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is thursday july 2nd 2000156789 welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news overnight. a freight train derails spilling poisonous gas in east tennessee. thousands are forced to evacuate. >> police are on high alert for possible july 4th terror attacks. the nypd's john miller will assess the threat and what's being done to protect millions. >> and new technology is replacing co-pilots with digital pilots. we look at the changes that could save lives. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. >> a fireman come up to the door
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and started knocking on it. woke me and my dog up. they told us to evacuate. >> thousands evacuate after a trail derails in tennessee. >> the red cross has set up a shelter. >> severe weather across the middle of the country. >> at least one tornado near kansas city. >> when you hear that warning sound, you've got to be able to move quickly. >> a ferry capsizes off the coast of the philippines. dozens have been killed. many more missing. >> warnings other the threat of a terror attack on the fourth of july weekend. >> competing airlines will are accused of scheming together to keep ticket prices high. >> macy's banning trump's brand merchandise. >> he doubled down on his remarks that mexican immigrants are racist. >> it's not about criminals coming across the border entering the country. >> somebody's doing the raping, don. >> a man pulled under the water.
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the seventh shark attack in a month. >> residents jumping to safety after an apartment fire broke out in georgia. >> all that -- >> absolute depression for england. >> that one's going to hurt for a while. >> is your name really dayyvey crocker? that's a cool name. do you have a beaver cap? i have one at the house. >> i don't want to but i don't want to break down. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> i have to give cruz credit. normally you have to wait until you do that much damage to something america holds so dear. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places.
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captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." a derailed freight train carrying a poisonous chemical is on fire in east tennessee. it caused widespread ee skrak united nations in maryville outside of knoxville. it was traveling from cincinnati to georgia. up to 5,000 were evacuated from their homes away from the scene. they may not be able to return for 48 hours. >> elaine quijano of our digital network is in our newsroom following this developing story. good morning. >> good morning. firefighters are at the scene trying to control the flames. several workers are being decontaminated and treated at a local hospital. >> we've received a couple of calls now about an old tanker on
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a train on fire. >> communication center did i copy? >> we're still waiting to get a car number so we can figure out what's in it. >> they told us a train wreck. >> nathan worley was asleep when he was alerted by a first responder. >> fireman come up to the door and started knocking on it woke me and my dog snup they were relocated to a shopping mall and a high school. >> first of all you hear the numbers like 5,000 people being evacuated. we're just prepared to take whoever walks in the door. >> the train was carrying a highly toxic chemical used to make plastics. nine of the cars were carrying the chemical. ten first responders have been taken to a local hospital emergency room due to inhaling
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fumes. one memorial hospital is expect 1g 2 more. meanwhile officials are investigating the cause of the crash and residents have been told not to drink well water because of possible contamination. gayle? >> thank you. rescuers are working to find survivors of a ferry in the philippines. it was leaving the city when it sank in the heavy seas. at least 36 people are reported dead. clarissa ward is in london following the desperate search. good morning. >> good morning. the ferry was carrying 173 parkers and 16 crew members capsized. 26 people are still missing. dozens are dead. rescuers pulled more than 100 survivors from the sea. among them three americans all from the same family who managed to swim to safety. now t boat capsized shortly
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after it left port. survivors were brought to shore. some were taken to the hospital. they reported the bow suddenly rose up from the water, flipped the boat over troopering the passengers underneath. they're not sure how the accident happened and, of course, now it's getting dark and it will make it harder to reach more. >> thanks. missouri is recovering from a tornado. it kicked debris into the air. it caused transformers to explode. >> check that out. it took the whole building in front of us. >> there were six reports of three tornados yesterday. there were no injuries. >> more than 200 firefighters are battling the merwin fire. it started burning an hour east
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of los angeles. flames scorched 200 acres there. they forced campers to evacuate the area. at least six major wildfires are burning in california. the carriers are accused of working together to drive up prices. jeff pegues is in washington over what fueled the government's probe. good morning. >> good morning. it's the business model that's caught the eyes of the department of justice. it's happening with the use of sophisticated computer programs. investigators want to know if that's leads to collusion, which in turn is helping to drive record profits. more than 3 million americans are expected to take to the skies for the fourth of july weekend, according to aaa. but they're looking to see if some airlines conspired together to drive up the prices of seats.
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on wednesday they all received letters. it related to statements and decisions about airline capacity. >> at a time when passenger frustrations are at an all-time high, this could take it to the next level. we're worried that people could become so frustrated they'll choose to stay at home. >> it started with mergers in 2008 which left just four airlines controlling 80% of seats on u.s. planes. the average price rose 13% from 2009 to 2014. that doesn't include fees baggage, food. american airlines say it's customers who decide prices. they say the traveling public has been the beneficiary.
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has this happened? keeping the prices higher than lower? >> no. technology is so per valgsive that they can watch almost instantly and change their capacity. >> all four airlines say they're cooperating with the investigation. some of the smaller carriers including jetblue and alaskan airlines have not received inquiries from the justice department. gayle. >> thank you. they're worried about the growing threat of sharks. the state has seen seven shark attacks in three weeks. a shark bit a man. don dahler is here with why the increase in attacks is puzzling the experts. good morning. >> good morning. as people prepare for one of the biggest weekends of the year
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this rash of shark attacks will have some jumping into the surf. a man in his late 60s was airlift eded to the hospital after swimming on orcacoke. it's the seventh shark attack along the north carolina coast in the last three week. on saturday an 18-year-old was bitten in the calf torso, and hands and in avon a 47-year-old man was attacked by a shark while swimming with his two children. >> it's a little scary. >> reporter: shark attacks in north carolina are rare so the seven in the last few weeks have experts worried. >> when i first heard of several
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shark attacks, i was fairly surprised because i know that t the carolina is not particularly a hot spot. something's going on. normally the attack is zero or one in any year. >> there are calls to close the beaches down but as of this morning they're still open. hyde county will have two ambulances with servicemembers on call over the holiday weekend. norah. >> thank you. the fbi is warning police departments about potential threats. >> john miller the deputy director of the nypd terrorist center say it's one of the biggest ever.
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he joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> what does your threat assessment tell you? >> it's a no-brainer. you've got a terror group advertising, a call for attacks. of course you always have that. isis has called on its followers over social media for attacks during the period of ramadan, which we have a couple of weeks left of so that's something you to have figure in. >> mike morell said he would not be surprised if we're talking about it on monday. >> i would not be surprised either, especially if you're in new york you would pick a target that's not that hard. >> when it comes to security, john miller isn't there so much you can really do when these
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people are being self radicalized on time and can show up any time? it just makes it that much bigger. the idea is calling on a terror tack, that threat goes out. i would underline again new york's capability to counter that is unmatched and behind that this is no such thing anywhere. >> is there some intelligence that looks at what type they're looking at? >> that 'erie looking at big events, and day, they're looking at military, meese, intelligence intelligence. >> based on history in terms of past attacks and isis in its
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specific cause, a year ago. and then in rapid success you had three attacks in australia and then canada and then new york city. >> they can make a thousand mistakes but we can only make one mistake. >> that's the challenge. when you look at the events coming up in a couple of days here in new york which i enurj to go to you're going to have those patrols the rest of the city. >> what do you tell the plevs to look for? >> ke carefully train them
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hain them to look for anomalyies. you're looking for criminals who are spending more time looking for security and meese instead f o tell eenlt vent. they're looket at side even trances and where the cameras are. that's our second best friend. this is our first best friend. the hotline is something. >> that message never gets old. if you see something, say something. that never gets old. what do you think of the attacks in the last week? >> gayle i think that could actually signal something significant. i say that because the assessment was not about al qaeda. it was basically using twitter to tell people to kill. when you see the simultaneous attacks this week in each of the
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three countries, when you see it's similar and they're still claiming credit for a series of military targets and the sigh nid, what you're seeing is a come policemen eternal attack. >> how will you be enjoying the weekend? >> i'll be enjoying the fireworks this weekend on the streets with evan else. >> i hope we're not having this conversation on monday. >> i do too. the state of california fight as historic drought. water use dropped. the state campaign is urging california to let their lawns fade to gold to keep the conservation a minimum going through the summer.
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the list of people backing away from donald trump is growing this morning. macy's is pulling away. professional golf groups are also pulling away but trump is not backing down. >> and now mayor bill de blasio is reviewing trump's contracts with the city. trump says they're weak. >> somebody's doing the raping. who's doing the raping? >> last night in an interview on c cnn, he talked about the controversy. controversy that began with his kickoff to the white house
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booid. >> they're bringing drugs and crime. on monday they servered ties with the bill ierier, we have decided to discontinue our business relationship, she said, i think that's horrible to say about anyone and any culture and is uncalled for completely. but somebody's buying what he's selling. recent polls show he's rocketed to the top of the pack. he's second only to scott waujer in iowa. right behind jeb bush. >> i don't understand hes he's in first place. and i always said if i would run, i would be a the top of the positions.
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-- polls. republicans worry that the numbers will just embolden him and further alienate the critical hispanic vote gayle. >> nancy, thank you. the u.s. women's sop soccer team will play japan on sunday. it was a devastating loss by england last night. with less than 2 minute to go. england's warning score went into her only neck. >> bassett will not stop crying. japan won the 2011 cup and u.s. won the gold medal in 2012. it's hard. she tried to kick it out. >> i know. >> but her team was very supportive. >>
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by panera bread. stop by to enjoy your favorite panera salads with new clean dressings.
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i'm ukee washington. let's start off with your forecast and check with katie in the weather center, good morning. >> we are tracking a little bit of wet weather activity in the vicinity of our local radar so we will start off with the quick check on the tri-state sweep here on storm scan three and very obviously it gets drawn down a across the southern tear of the region. is there a shower across the kent and sussex county border and moving in cape may county. watch for showers in those spots, in addition, you can see moisture over maryland and portions of virginia. southern half of our region is where we will fine wet weather activity and further north you get, nicer it gets. sixty-six tonight. we will see variably cloudy sky and perhaps a shower around tomorrow but still overall not terrible. spotty shower or storm is the
7:27 am
worst we would have to look ahead to on the fourth of july, not bad vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning everyone. would i say overall your rush hour commute is not too bad usual stuff this morning. we will take a look at schuylkill expressway hit ago this usual picket at city avenue that delay is stemming back toward roosevelt boulevard and continues to ohio down out beyond gladwynn, eastbound find delays around conshohocken and approaching vine. on the ben franklin bridge not awful but approaching eighth and vine we are slow and be mindful patco has holiday schedules in effect throughout the weekend. >> vittoria, thank you. lets do it again at 7:55. up next this morning confederate flag controversy on one of the country's biggest nascar races e we're talking today tone a this
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there's already an online arsenal of goods. you have cruzies and marco polos. >> they're selling lindsey graham crackers and also scott walkers. and, of course dr. ben car carsonogenitcs. coming up this half hour. a drug used to treat diabetes could help you shed some of
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those unwanted pounds. dr. holly phillips will show us how it works and how losing a fraction of your body weight could improve your overall health. and nascar, how they could stop fans bringing it to any event. that's ahead. the "washington post" says the episcopal church voted to approve same-sex marriages. this comes after they elected their first openly gay bush op. they'll eliminate specific language but they will not be forced to participate. a work was killed am contractor was putting together an assembly line robot when it pushed him against a metal plate. he suffered injuries to the chest and died at the hospital.
7:32 am
"the chicago tribune" says people are getting hit with an expanded music tax. it now pays for streamed music like spotify and shows like netflix. it's expected to bring the city about $12 mill a year. and reruns of "dukes of hazard" is being taken off tvland. the confederate flag is displayed on the top of the car. john schneider says labeling anyone who has a flag as racist is unfair. that is taking it too a who different level. >> fans can trade
7:33 am
confederate flags. >> it's not unusual to see it in the south. the folks who run the daytona speedway say they don't want the flags at their event bus they can't do anything about it for this weekend for those who already bought tickets. the most famous flag in car racing is the check tered one. speedway officials say there is not enough time to make plans to enforce a ban on the flag but joey chitwood had this to say. >> it doesn't have a place in our sport. >> reporter: in the wake of the charleston church shooting, now
7:34 am
nascar is signaling it may ban fans from bringing flags to events. nascar chairman and ceo said in a statement we will be as aggressive as possible to disassociate the car from events. jeff glock who covered motorsports for "usa today" thinks nascar should implement a downright ban. >> nascar legend jeff gordon talked about the flag tuesday on "cbs this morning." >> it has no place on any inform our team apparel or memorabilia . you know i'm glad it's not out there anymore. >> reporter: as for the good old boys, tv land is not the only
7:35 am
one pulling the plug. ben jones, thing ator who played coo cooter on the show and is a member of the house of representatives defended the flag saying that flag on the general lee made a statement that that flag meant courage and family and good times. >> track official say the flag exchange program is a good step. a recent poll shows they've lost 15% of its fans. this morning a shot in the arm could help your body fight the battle of the bulge. a study published in the "new england journal of medicine" reports promising result from a new type of weight loss drug. almost two-thirds of the people lost 5% or more of their body wangt. dr. holly fillphillips joins us.
7:36 am
right. this is a new drug called sax ten da. it's been around a couple of years to treat diabetes but just released for weight loss. they looked at 3,700 people over a year. everyone was prescribed a diet and exercise regimen. some got the drug. the others got placebo. at the end of the year the people who got the drug was 18 points. in the grand scheme of things you have to think this is a mild or moderate weight loss. you may not see it cosmetically. what's most important is it's associated with better health benefits.
7:37 am
lower blood pressure and cholesterol and diet control. >> can anyone use it? >> it's not for everyone. the way it works is there ees's a release. it comes with side effects. most are mild. stomach upset but there are more serious ones like pancreas or stomach problems. there's a catch. it's $1,000 a month and it's an injection you give yourself every day. you can put it in your arm, your thigh, your stomach. one of the interesting things is it always brings up a controversy. we're undering for much people it's harder than others for
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biologic biologic regions or other patterns. >> sometimes you need to lose the weight. getting started -- >> exactly. to me more options we have, surge re medication diet or exercise medications, the better we are. >> first on "cbs this morning." aviation's new altitude. >> you're flying a plane that weighs 8,000 pounds with just a finger. >> just a finger. and if you're heading out the door set your dvr so you can watch any time you like. we'll be right back.
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the air force is 520 pilots short due to budget cuts. but first on "cbs this morning" we're getting a look at new technology that could one day help solve that shortfall and
7:43 am
maybe save lives. kris van cleave is at the air and space museum. good morning. >> good morning. this is full of inoh united nations. this is the prototype for their most advanced fighter. with as smart as it is even it could be getle a litting a little smarter. >> in terms of the actual operations of the craft, it's a completely different water. >> alias is an advanced form of auto pilot. >> is it going to put pilots ow of work? >> no. it's going to transform pilots. >> reporter: he's the chief
7:44 am
engineer of the company that builds the black hawk helicopter. >> we make sure it's stable going in the right direction. alias as a co-pilot leaves the pilot free to make sure the mission is staying the course. >> reporter: that's different from a drone because drones essential lu move the pilot to the ground. this technology keeps people in the air. trapinski compares it to driving a car. >> the machine flies itself. >> correct. the first step is to let it get used to technology and release the crew. then we'll go from there.
7:45 am
>> they're investing $6.75 million into making thisgy calico pilot a reality within the next decade. >> and off we go. >> and down the continue goes. >> yeah. it's that sample. >> during the difficult skrags we were able to show this bought alias is part of it. we're not allowed to show you everything on the air force craft. designered are believed it could be even corroded in where they were unable to prevent it. >> alias can release the support
7:46 am
to an offloaded controller so they can handle another emergency. >> reporter: they're still in the first phase of testing but their plan is to roll out automation over time. knew some cars are even driving themselves. gayle? >> it's a new world we're living in. stephen colbert. look how he wuled a
7:47 am
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put the odds on your side. visit to learn how to save on your treatment. talk to a headache specialist today about botox®. when were you first considered a family? when you fell in love? when you got married? when you had kids? when did you first fight to be considered a family? when you fell in love? when you got married? when you had kids? family isn't defined by who you love, but how. tylenol®. hello. welcome to another edition of only in monroe. i'm stephen colbert filling in for your usual host michelle
7:51 am
bowman and kaye lani rae rafko wilson. i'm not sure how many people that is but i'm here. >> i love that. it's funny no matter where you see him. the new late-show host took over a public access show in monroe michigan. monroe is a small city just south of detroit. have you heard of that? colbert reporting the local news and talked with eminem a detroit native and talked about some of the study's famous musicians. >> i'll name some bob seger songs and you can sing any part of it. "against the wind." ♪ against the wind. running against the wind.
7:52 am
>> "like a rock." >> i don't know the melody. >> he just screams it. two things. a big change at 1600 pennsylvania avenue here they are. >> we were in the white house and we tomb some pictures. >> those are our sources. grab your cameras. we'll show you how michelle obama developed a new rare for tourists. that's ahead. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. if you have painful, swollen joints, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on top of the world... the next i'm saying...
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good morning i'm erika von tiehl. we want to get over to katie for your forecast and kind of split 50/50 right. >> very well said, right. we have a frontal boundary nearby and because it is close enough and nearby it will bring us some showers but only for part of the reason. the further north the nicest it will be of the day for us but you can see on storm scan three why we are split in two. we have showers beginning to work their way across pennsylvania state boarder from maryland and there is a pocket of steadier rain if you are taking i-95 southbound toward baltimore but with that said, this is the story further south we go watch for showers off and on throughout the day high of 85. we will tropical down to 66 tonight. further up north we will not deal with any rain at all. tomorrow is similar story but
7:57 am
less shot for a shower. saturday spotty shower or storm, months more and it looks like a decent information of july forecast. weekend as a whole not bad vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning everyone. you will not look forward to rush hour because it is out in full swing on i-95. ninety-five southbound delayed out of the northeast down through vine, delays start around cottman and they continue to haunt you all the way down to the vine street expressway. also anticipate delays on i-95 to and from the commodore barry and on the schuylkill in the city and throughout your western suburbs. erika. >> thank you. next update 8:25. coming up on cbs this morning for the first time in decade you can snap photos inside the white house also movie theaters may be
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is thursday july 2nd 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including a historic change at the white house. we'll show you the first tourist photos from inside 1600 pennsylvania avenue in more than 40 years, but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> firefighters and emergency workers are at the scene trying to control the flames. the chemical on board the train is highly flammable. >> rescue operations are still ongoing. >> the objective of the planes is packing the plains with passengers. this rash of shark attacks along the coast of north
8:01 am
carolina will have some folks second-guessing jumping into the surf. >> our assessment is a no-brainer. you've got a terrorist group calling for attacks. >> when there are 14 candidates it doesn't take much to land in second place. >> it's not unusual to see confederate flags. >> so many people have jumped over the white house the secret service is now putting spikes on the tops of fences. >> we're now protecting the white house with spikes the same way you keep pigeons off atms.
8:02 am
i'm charlie rose along with norah o'donnell and gayle king. a train derailed filled with chemicals. this happened in maryville not far from knoxville. they have been evacuated. >> at least ten first responders at the scene had to go to the doctor after they were exposed to poise news fumes. >> experts are look for an explanation for the increase in shark attacks along the coast. the average is usually less than one a year. the latest happened yesterday. a man in his 60s wassed bien in his torso legs hips and hands. this morning a tradition going back to the white house is
8:03 am
no more. visitors are allowed to take pictures inside. jan crawford is at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. it was the one place if you were lucky enough to get a tour of the white house on your trip to d.c. that you couldn't show anyone. yesterday the first tourists got to take out their cameras and their cell phones. you're right. we started taking perfects pictures selfies selfies. >> reporter: he made the most of being first. >> i went up to the cool statues, taking pictures by them so my friended could say, oh well, cool. >> reporter: the family visiting from houston heard the news houring before their tour was
8:04 am
about to start. >> i saw mrs. obama tear the paper and say we can start taking pictures. >> we were elated. >> if you've been on a white house tour you may have seen this sign. well, not anymore. for the first time in so many years tourists didn't have to try to sneak a quick shot. taking pictures of the east room blue room, panoramics and selfies with the president's family. the messrs. couldn't stop snapping. >> it's definitely exciting because you get to remember what you saw and know the history. >> reporter: the white house historical society tells cbs newss the ban was in existence for logistical reasons. it slowed down tours. now executive and resident at american university.
8:05 am
>> the white house is a living breathing place. it's involves the way society evolves even to the point of taking pictures a lot easier. >> i want to show you me and abraham lincoln. >> that's abraham lincoln, honest abe. >> for the lucas family the photos will last. >> it was amazing. they'll remember it for the rest of my lives. >> i bet i know what your christmas card is going to be. >> absolutely right here at the white house. the boys will have those memories for years to come. >> they're not going to allow flash photography because of the artwork and paintings in those rooms. atz you can see, a cell phone without a flash works pretty well. >> really nice. it's so nice the lucas family all dressed up in blue. >> and they learned about it because they watched "cbs this morning" this morning. >> was my favorite part of the
8:06 am
story. >> thank you jan. we're monitoring a developing story. the washington navy yard is under lockdown right now as police respond to a gunman right there. the u.s. park police are telling people inside to stay where they are. the navy yard was the scene of a mass shooting less than two years ago that left 13 people dead. normally you'd congrats late the woman who scored the winning goal. this morning fans are rushing to console her. >> she plays it forward. she was there. >> oh my god. >> she scored a goal. could it be an own goal by england. >> england's lauren bassett accidentally scored a goal in her own. as you can imagine, she was in
8:07 am
tears. her teammates con sold her afterward. one fan tweeted if your heart isn't breaking for her, you're not human. >> heartbreaking and so unfortunate. she was trying to kick the ball way from the goal. >> she feels terrible so it's great that people are rallying around her. billy joel has a new york state of mind. this morning he holds a new record. >> welcome to madison square garden. one, two three, four ♪ >> he's played madison square garden more than anyone else. he performs there once a month. i spoke to joel last year as he became the arena's artist in residence. >> a residency at the garden. >> they call it a residency.
8:08 am
>> it's like something you do at the met. >> yeah you become the house. >> exactly. >> i thought, wait a minute. that's nice. that's one place i don't have to shlep to. i can commute to it. and we love the garden. >> joel will be back at madison square garden on august 20th. >> it's great. >> the show is amazing. >> that's terrific. >> they say you can perform anywhere in the world but there's nothing like madison square garden. >> they've got these posters of all these people. elton john roger federer, and billy saying this is the place, more than any other place i want to perform. >> that's so great. did you know what you wear could change the way you think and affect your productivity? >> no. i didn't know. she asked the question. no, i didn't know that. >> guess what gayle? ahead we're going to talk about
8:09 am
the link from fashion and psychology. what if you wear a dress that's the color of a highlighter pen >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by choice hotels. you always have a choice.
8:10 am
could diversity make you smarter, taller? a major new study on mixed parents. he's excited about this and what it means for our future. aren't you excited, dr. david agus? >> i certainly am. >> that's what i heard. he's joining us next on "cbs morning news." "cbs this morning." we love petsmart because they treat us like the stars we are... so this is the..."celebrity section"... it's just the bonus size for our customers. ...for celebrities! for everyone! okay! now through sunday, petperks members can spend forty
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on "morning rounds," does having parents of different backgrounds make you smarter? height and intelligence are linked to greater diversity. our dr. david agus is in los angeles. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> are you excited about this story? >> it's have very interesting
8:15 am
study. they interviewed 300,000 people they looked at two buckets. where they were similar, they put it in one bucket and different, in another. what they noted is that parents who were similar, the children were shorter and did slightly less. on the health effects there was no ill-effect. no democratic figure between the two groups so different than we thought. >> why is that dr. ag us. >> it certainly is interesting. they select out who does better and who functions. predominantly, that's hunting. also taller means you could run quicker and get away from pray and those were the facts that were selected for.
8:16 am
diseases like heart disease and diabetes happened after child bearing age. really this is the first gen racing where they're having different children. think of this if it continues to happen. >> taller and smarter, we know if you have a single gene mutation, if you made with someone who's likely to have children who's likely to bag it off. >> i did a matchup with a peruvian man to weed out some of the genetic disorders. we knew that jierching.
8:17 am
>> if you ware your brother, sister, cousin it's not a good thing. darwin married his cousin. but we're affecting height and cognitive function so it's something to go forward. as the world is flat people are changing. >> thaerng you, dr. david agus. charlie, if we had a chald they would be smart. what do you think of that? i'll let you continue. >> wait a minute. >> we continue with -- >> see what you just served up? we should think about this. this is an opportunity. >> yes gayle, yes. something else is taking choices at the snack bar. will new treats help you skip the snacks and the popcorn? that's coming up.
8:18 am
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8:21 am
yep, he's back on the big screen this morning. the genesis is going up against another sequel. "marriage mike xxl." we're shown the new plot at the
8:22 am
snack bar. >> reporter: popcorn whether plain, salted or heavily buttered is always addictive. but it was never part of it. >> when movie theaters first opened it was a high end experience and the theater owners at that time didn't want snacks. actually vendors were selling snacks to people before they came in and so then the theater owner said well okay we don't need people outside our doors selling it and then bringing it in we'll sell it within the theater itself. >> reporter: she represents showcase cinemas, a movie chain that shares its parent company with cbs. here the lobby has a mini food court featuring hot dogs pizza ice cream, and starbucks. >> coming to the movies is still an experience and so the food aspect is still a really important of that experience.
8:23 am
♪ let's all go to the lobby to get ourselves a treat ♪ >> reporter: sales of snacks account for 40% of its revenue. the calories in the concessions leave people wondering if it's worth it. a small popcorn weighing in at more than a thousand calories. how do people respond to those numbers? >> i think like we all do -- i'm sure you've gone to other restaurants and seen the numbers. i think it makes you stop and think. >> it's having ron think too. >> going to the movies is about having fun. and i think eating edamame is fun. >> reporter: the former cardiologist isn't new to the business. he produced a feature film called "warriors of virtue" in 1997. >> it was flank released at a
8:24 am
time that frankly mgm was having quite a bit of trouble and we thought it could have done better than it did. >> reporter: it didn't do well at the box office but law is more optimistic about what he produced for the concession stand. >> we designed thit to be held in one hand. >> reporter: it's 150 calories or the ten oskt a ball of small popcorn but he'd rather not call it healthy. >> it needs to convey this is good for you but fun to eat. >> reporter: theater owners seem to agree. they're stocked with options like rice and crackers but so far it hasn't been a hit. >> the movie theater is a place where people may want to treat themselves. >> they can hide under the darkness of the theater and eat what they want. >> and when they go to the theater, it's a special occasion. so i think the concession goes
8:25 am
above wi hi, good morning i'm ukee washington. search teams in the gloucester county quarry looking for a swim shore went missing yesterday. chopper three over that quarter on jackson road near piney hallow road in monroe township. several people tell cbs-3 that the missing swimmer is a high school student athlete at williamstown high school. neighbors say that the quarry vice deep and a very dangerous place to swim. katie has your forecast in the weather center, good morning. >> good morning, ukee. we have activity on the area radar right now courtesy of the frontal boundary that is stalling out nearby. so it keeps forecast more interesting here today. it is southern had half of our area being affect and leading edge of the showers on the
8:26 am
tri-state sweep are trying to creep into delco and maybe fill will a county. so we will basically say from philadelphia on south, you have got that shot for showers and another wise a few more cloud further south you travel, off in the distance, ever so slight view of the philadelphia sky line there we have however expected a sunshine as well and temperatures rewound in the mid 80's. come tomorrow we could see a shower but overall a decent day. other than a spotty shower or storm on the fourth of july, that too looks like an okay day too. vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning everyone. traveling right now on i-95 is a slow go from the northeast down to the vine. we are looking at i-95 at girard avenue you will want to pack your patients heading in the city. traveling on i-95 in and out of the delaware county traveling around commodore barry bridge light traffic but i would say overall we have some light volume, out there on the majors books besides the schuylkill expressway where we are clocking in at 16 and 12 on i-95 no major delays on the pennsylvania turnpike but keep in mind path companies is running a special holiday schedule for fourth,
8:27 am
starting now throughout the weekend, ukee. lets meet up at 8:55. ahead on cbs this morning would you add peas to your quacamole. how a new york times recipe is taking social media by storm. have a good
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, ryu you ready to say good-bye to casual friday? social psychologist heidi grant halvorson is in our toyota green room with a different type of clothing. hi. hi ya, heidi. how more formal wear could make your more effective at the auchs. >> sisters in wine. first, they needed to solve a family mystery. see their amazing personal journey to find each other. it's really a great story. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. nicholas garden remembers nicholas winton known as the
8:31 am
british schindler. he helped escape 669 children mostly from chev oh slovakia. he did not speak for more than 60 years. bob simon spoke with him. >> all i know is the people that i met couldn't get out and they were looking of ways of at least getting their children out. >> what made you think you could do it? >> i work on the motto that if something's not impossible, there must be a way of doing it. >> knack las winton was 106 years old. >> it was one of the greatest stories. >> remember that too. all right. "the wall street journal" modified its logo. the old one is on the left t new one is on the rice. you may not be able to tell the different. the letters are thinner and the face is rounded off. it's designed to be more
8:32 am
mobile-friendly. >> a slight change there. they say women should stop using the word "just." she noticed women use just a lot more than women. i'm just following up on or i just wanted to check in on. she said it puts the user in a point of subordinate and they should ban the word. the guacamole res pip calling for peace. that sparked internet outrage. vladimir duthiers is here with all the controversy that's ooh sew spicy even the president chimed in. >> the paper published the
8:33 am
recipe a couple years ago and resubmitted it. some are willing to give it a try. the others are peaved. >> they make guacamole the old-fashioned way with discriminating taste buds. >> what makes a good guacamole? >> it only has jalapeno cilantro, sault, and tomato. you can taste the avocado itself. >> those wholove traditional guac squawking. green pea guacamole, the recipe says it's rad cat moves. the peased a a chunky texture and taste. >> i don't know if i like it.
8:34 am
>> it kind of what guacamole is. >> twitter uses with a chip on their shoulder were quick to chime in. guacamolegate and give pea as chance. even president obama chimed in. respect "the new york times" but not the guacamole with peas. this from the meevg "what the heck is that." in a statement to cbs food columnist melissa weighs in. i'm waiting for flow it is's opinion. >> grab it. don't be shy. >> i'm not going to be shy.
8:35 am
>> this is one issue that both sides agree on. president app hopeful jeb bush took to twitter recently saying you don't put peas in guacamole. >> how was that? >> it was amazing. >> i think we should give peas another chance. >> there's another place for paefrs. yes. thank you. what we wear can with a foemg. a increment study finds that wearing formal clothing may enhance your act to think. heidi joins us once again at the table. you've come up with some
8:36 am
interesting things. when you say formal clothing, you're not talking tux and down. you're talking like what we're wearing. >> slot. >> what's the relationship? >> it's really interesting. when people wear more formal clothing they female more power elf and it actually causes their brains to be in a state where they'll think more an stralk extractly. they're a little better at problem solving. the idea of a casual friday may be giving up. >> another interesting part of the study is the impact of wearing a white doctor's coat.
8:37 am
in that study which was done by a colleague of mine he told them to wear white coats. he found that. when he gave them a chance to perform a task such as noticing tie knee detailses. we associate critical thinking with being a doctor but not necessarily with being a painter. >> so steve job had a work uniform what is a black sweater and elizabeth holmes has the same work outfit almost every day. like deciding what to wear or eats is really costly. it makes you really tired. you're saving that energy.
8:38 am
>> president obama told michael lewis in his famous article. f he eliminated the choices. >> wheen you make decisions all data it doesn't mean you have to be steve jobs and wear the same outfit every day. >> whatter the clothing. >>? was does char truce mean. it certainly feeling happen iener nnl. >> yes. >> it doesn't mean you hunger for attention. >> no you're lucky she's not wearing blake.
8:39 am
it's evokes power and competition. >> and red too. >> because we associate it with sexuality. it can make women more competitive with women who wear red. >> what do red shoes mean? >> those are just fabulous. >> do you like my shoes? >> she means needy. >> what about charlie -- >> he wears tennis shoes. >> all the time. >> most of the team people can't see them. >> that's true. i'm not about to do what she did. >> it makes you feel more comfortable. >> absolutely. like the fact that it's unconditional. >> it really is fascinating. i do believe clothing can affect your psychology. i get it. gayle has been impressed wi
8:40 am
the pri prison story. >> it's a john miller joke. >> we're going to go thank you, heidi. >> am i supposed to be reading it? >> i'll read it. >> sour. >> ooh fine wine can take its peek. so does a family. >> i'm here 'longing the step montreal coast. they have found each other.
8:41 am
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breaking into the wine business isn't evenspecially if you're a minority. michelle miller has a fascinating story. good morning. >> it is fascinating. these sisters both grew up dreaming of working i the wine industry. what makes it so striking is if for the first half of their lives they had never met. >> meet andrea and robin mcbride, two half sisters with a passion for wine. their personal story is as unique as their professional one. two black women in a field
8:45 am
dominated by wheen men. in 2010 they started the mcbride sister's wine company. >> when we started, it was an old boy's club. >> lack of recognition. >> what do you girls know about wine. >> 95% is made in the u.s. but 10% is of a wine maker. it's a team that's 80% women including their head wine marek. >> we have this vision and this goal and everybody is passionate about it and wants to get behind it and see it be successful. >> reporter: for the mcbrides it's not about just selling wine but creating a sisterhood. after all, sisterhood is what makes their own story. >> we accident know about each other. both of us were thinking we were
8:46 am
growing up. >> the story of their journey. >> this is dear old dad. >> yep, kelly mcbride. >> andrea grew up in new zealand with her mother pauline until she died of breast cancer and she was placed in foster care. robin was raised by her mother karen more than 65 years away. >> why wouldn't he tell them. >> he's not around. >> hee died of stomach cancer but in 1986 he asked to get in touch with the two girls. >> this is before the internet. >> no facebook no google service. it was actually from an episode. >> the catalyst is his brother
8:47 am
was in an oprah episode and she featured private detective on finding people who owe you money or how you find displaced loved ones. >> based on the show's recommendation they pulled every robin mcbride and started writing letters. final in 1999 robin received a note from her father's sister. >> she wrote on the note i'm your aunt and i'm sorry to tell you your dad has passed away but yo have a little sister. >> what did that feel like? >> it was very shocking. >> i remember being so excited. i was 16 and i have a big sister. >> this was probably right after andrea and i first laid eyes on each other. >> the sisters met one day after robin received that letter. >> i'm walking down the jet way and i'm thinking that reflegs is
8:48 am
the same and it's not moving and so the realization hits that that was the first time i'd seen my sister who happens to look a lot like me at na time. >> she tells that story and i tear up. >> why does that make you tear up? >> i lost my mom and we had lost our father you know, and it was -- it was my sister. >> as the two got to know one another, they discovered a shared passion for making wine something they grew up in the major wine season in california and new zealand. >> we had thiess these dreams and had we not met we wouldn't be in the wine industry but we kind of feel like the stars lined up. >> 16 years later their stars line up at the major grocery
8:49 am
stores. it feels like a culmination of their journey. >> the world has brought us together we're sisters and we can do anything. >> and for that they're both grateful to a father they never knew. >> when life gives you lemons. >> make wine. >> their wine is called truvet. if you know french it means to find. they know how important it is to keep the affordability of these wines under $20. >> beautiful how they found each other. wonderful story. thank you. >> thank you. >> you're watching "cbs
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
before we go we should say
8:53 am
happy birthday to tony
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning i'm erika von tiehl. investigators want to know if alcohol was a factor in the deadly overnight crash in bucks county. one person was killed, when a car slammed into a tree off route 309 southbound, near ridge road and west rock hilltown ship. this happened around 10:30 last night. three other people were taken to the hospital. the roads were closed for several hours this morning but all lanes of route 309 are now opened. all right. lets check with katie for your forecast and advice you north and south is what kind of weather you you are seeing. >> draw a line through philadelphia county to the north you might see something different then a county or two away. storm scan is showing that very well here. moisture moving into kent county especially on our
8:56 am
tri-state sweep of storm scan three and really almost like that little sliver of moisture is working it way right up i-95. just south of at least center city you will see some showers here and there. we are not talking about anything that will cause a widespread wash out of the day but will certainly see more cloud further south you go and we will see showers to go witt. further north we will expect some sunshine, variable cloudy tonight dropping down to 66 degrees. tommy do think it looks like a pleasant day in general but that is why it is still close by so perhaps a shower and spotty shower or storm at worse on the fourth of july. by sunday and monday, not only do we heat up but sun returns in full force vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning everyone. i think a a lot of folks have taken off today because of the road are a a lot lighter they are getting ready for holiday weekend so are we, but traveling right new throughout the rush hour pretty much non-existent rush hour on the ben franklin bridge, maybe a slow down approaching eighth and vine heading in to fill but not much. take a look the at these speed
8:57 am
sensors at 9:00. pretty nice. slight slow down on the schuylkill slight slow down on i-95, but pennsylvania, new jersey delaware, erika. that is "eyewitness news" for now, celebrity chef robert irvine is live in our studios on "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm quarter von tiehl.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> should you, monitor you children's social media. >> a father gets the shock of his life. >> hey, sexy? >> it was said to my 12-year-old daughter. >> how online predetors are r contacting your children. what you can do to keep them safe. then why this 11-year-old went from a 38 c to 50 f >> i developed large breasts. >> and could this risky surgery be a breath of fresh air? on the d a. ♪ octors >> hey, everyone, thanks for being with us, if you are sitting at home debating if you should monitor your children's social media and internet interactions, you need to see this story. >> their chat conversawere innocent. >> cliff ford's 12-year-old daughter was having an innocent chat with someone she thought tions


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